Grooming Services


Full Service Groom

Full Body Clipping

Courtesy Nails - Ear Cleaning -Bath 

Prices start at $42.00

Bath & Brush Out

Sanitary Clip - Foot Pad Trim - Eye Trim - Bath
Courtesy Nails - Ear Cleaning

Prices start at $18.00


Ear Cleaning: $5.00

Nails: $12.00
Muzzle Charge: $5.00
Flea/Tick Charge: $16.00

Tick Removal:  $12.00
Matted or Difficult Pets: EXTRA 

Flea Products Offered

Advantage    Advantix II   Seresto 8 Month Collar  

We Do Not Allow Fleas. Pets with fleas (appts. for grooming) will be sent home with flea treatment and rescheduled.

Things You Should Know About Grooming

All prices are based on pets that have received routine grooming for the breed. An extra charge will be added for de-matting, if the pet's coat falls below this standard.

De-matting can be a difficult process. The skin under a severely matted coat will be raw inflamed and very sensitive. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. There is a chance of nicks or cuts to the skin during de-matting. Wild Things will not be held responsible for skin injury due to a severely matted coat.

Late or Non-Show

If, for any reason the staff is asked to stay after hours for a pick-up or drop-off, the fee is $1.00 per minute past closing.

If you pet is not picked up by 6pm on the day of scheduled pick-up, and you have not called to reserve a new pick-up date, an additional $5.00 fee will be added to your bill.

A $20.00 non-cancellation fee will be charged for not calling in advance to cancel a boarding or grooming appointment.